Something old, something new

July 3rd, 2008

I don’t know if anyone is still out there reading this. If you are, thanks for sticking around. We’ve given you no reason to stay, and we apologize.

The Slamcast, while not dead, is pretty damned dormant. Both Charlie and I have new homes and new jobs, both trying to live the dream. As such, our schedules don’t click. Additionally, my affinity for wrestling has waned again (save for Ric Flair’s retirement a few months back. I haven’t cried that much in ages). I’ve left the door open for my love to rekindle. Gotta find an indie near me, or get some new ROH DVDs. That’ll help 🙂

So, while there won’t be any new Slamcast episodes for the foreseeable future (or the rememberable past) I have gotten the itch to podcast again. The topic and cohost will be different though.

I’m looking at doing a video game related podcast with my lovely significant other Amy. Amy had an NES growing up, but didn’t have another console to her name until we got a Wii this past Christmas. She’s missed three generations of consoles, and only dabbled in PC gaming minutely (read: She played a lot of Sims 2). She had a GameBoy Color, playing a Game and Watch collection occasionally.

Now, between the Wii, the DS (she tends to whip my ass in Tetris DS, and the New Super Mario Bros minigames, and Mario Kart DS, etc, etc), emulation (Why, oh why did I introduce her to Puyo Puyo?) and PC gaming (we’re running a Diablo 2 campaign right now), she’s back in the gaming fold. Since meeting her I appear to have corrupted her into a hardcore gamer.

But there’s still this big gap in her gaming resume. And the goal of this new podcast is to expose her to all the stuff she missed. We’re going to sit down with some beers (or other alcohol-enriched beverages) and Amy will play a game she’s never seen before from SNES, Genesis/SegaCD/32X, TurboGrafx16, Playstation, N64 or Gamecube. We’ll add more consoles if I can get my hands on them.

We’ll also have some special shows where we play against each other, or we might record some of our Diablo 2 adventures. While Amy plays and gives us unfiltered (and likely NSFW) comments on what she’s playing, we’ll try to discuss gaming news and try to give a little history of the games we’re playing.

Music will be provided by my good friends in Makar. I met these folks while appearing in their music video for “I Hate My Job,” and they’re awesome people. Check out their website and while you’re there, peep the video. I’m the heavyset, er, heavy guy on he couch in a few waiting room scenes.

I’ll throw a sample of the show into the old Slamcast feed for the few folks still subscribed. Again, thanks for sticking around. It’s weird logging into Feedburner and seeing people still checking the RSS 🙂

The show doesn’t have a name yet, or a release schedule, or a website. I’ll try to set all this up over the holiday weekend.

I also regret that I’ll be taking down the Slamcast episodes archived here. I’ll be hanging on to them in case anyone wants them in the future, or if the Slamcast rises from the ashes. I’ll make a separate post when that happens.

So, for Charlie Dreamer, we say Good Night, Charlie Dreamer. So long, farewell!

More funny video goodness

April 26th, 2006

New show coming soon, along with the shownotes I’m back up on.

Funniest. Video. Ever.

April 2nd, 2006

And I kid you not people.
After you’ve gotten over trading in fifty dollars for WrestleMania (which I didn’t, even though I’m home sick), you might need some cheering up.
Heck, even if you like tonight’s show, this is some great stuff.
What am I getting at? Over at the Ring of Honor Video site they’ve put up this fantastic music video with Jimmy Jacobs. Rather than detail his in-ring exploits, it details his “love” for valet Lacy.
If it’s possible to sustain a laugh for three minutes, this is the video that will do it.
Warning: Jimmy Jacobs and candle wax. Don’t say I didn’t warn you now 😉
Enjoy! And yes, we’ll be back with a new SlamCast sooner than later. We mean it this time.

Slamcast 015: Nobody retires in this business

March 9th, 2006

Length: 1:13
Direct Download

Yup, Hell has frozen over! Tom and Charlie are back in action with the usual randomness. We experimented with stereo for the first time. Tom’s in your right ear and Charlie in the left. Tom’s a bit louder as a word of warning. We’re working on balancing the audio levels for future shows.

Here’s your shownotes:

  • We’re back. The pirates didn’t get us!
  • Johnny Grunge: RIP
  • WWE TV is not so great, but Tom cops to liking the Spriit Squad
  • The first real OVW discussion we’ve had in some time.
  • Best wishes to Matt Cappotelli
  • Hopefully OVW callups, and Paul the Pirate
  • Giant Singh is being called up, but not CM Punk? WTF mate?
  • Punk’s in hot water over showing up at ROH (even though he had permission)
  • We touch on the new WWE Talent Wellness Program
  • The Road to Wrestlemania is paved with strange crowd reactions.
  • Reacting to the crowd is one of the most difficult skills for a wrestler
  • We <3 chops
  • Sting: blessing in disguise for TNA
  • TNA reups Samoa Joe and WWE starts their goodbyes for Mark Henry.
  • Tom hates his cable tv service. Charlie loves his DVR.
  • The return of One Night Stand (and it’s need for a name change)
  • No WWE Webshows for Tom.
  • Raw tag titles are in sorry shape.
  • As is the Women’s division.
  • FIP gets discussed for the first time on the show
  • WWE is well served to retain Bischoff and Heyman
  • More OVW banter.
  • The Jeff Jarrett/Jackie Gayda angle in TNA HAS TO GO!
  • CZW vs ROH and the great Cornette video it yielded.
  • Charlie reccomends checking out the Jim Cornette Secrets of the Ring DVD. Tom gives a nod to the Bill Watts shoot intervew that Corny conducted.
  • The 6:05 Reunion PPV is on it’s way (and put your shirt back on, Bullet Bob!)
  • Ricky Morton is outta jail and back in the ring
  • Weekend runs, and the return of Lance Storm.
  • TNA Super X Cup and Tom’s great high speed data cable services.
  • Tom gives a singing endorsement for the IT Crowd, from the BBC
  • Earl Hebner and the return of Maryland Championship Wrestling.
  • Tom is baffled by an indy press release.
  • Lo-Ki defects from ROH.
  • Check out the Vince Russo interview over at Wrestlecrap Radio
  • The difficulty of modern TV wrestling booking
  • Some WWE Hall of Fame 2006 discussion
  • Tom wants to see Saba Simba vs Akeem, the African Dream
  • Mmm, interbrand Money in the Bank match
  • Congrats to Brent Albright on winning the OVW Heavyweight Title

Patience, young Jedi

January 1st, 2006

The SlamCast site will rise from the grave shortly. Stick around!

Final Battle 2005

December 17th, 2005

Hey everyone! Yes, we still exist Yes, we will be recording again soon. Charlie is with his woman this weekend, so expect something later this week.
In the meantime, those of you headed to Ring of Honor’s Final Battle 2005 in Edison, NJ will be able to catch me there. I’ll be wearing black pants and a Penny Arcade Cardboard Tube Samurai tee shirt (also mostly black). You’ll likely see me from a distance as the heavyset guy in a dirty grey hoodie (though that might not narrow things down too much). Feel free to say hello, bug me about the show, talk wrestling, etc.
See you cats there!

SlamCast 014: One for Eddie

November 23rd, 2005

Direct download
Length: 57:05

Tom and Charlie pay tribute to the late Eddie Guerrero as best they can. Fair warning: this isn’t the usual goofy, bouncy edition of SlamCast. This one is for you, Latino Heat.

I don’t feel tardy

November 19th, 2005

But I am. We didn’t get to record last night. We’ll work something out soon. In the meantime, keep those comments coming to the number below. Just wait for the nice European woman to stop talking, then leave a message.
Apologies, SlamAddicts, and thanks again!

One for Eddie

November 18th, 2005

Tonight, Charlie and I will record an episode in tribute to the late Eddie Guerrero. If you’d like to leave a voice comment for the show, call (206) 973-SLAM(7526). There’s no real outgoing greeting on the box yet, but it’ll get to us. Call anytime tonight except between 9 and 11 PM EST (we’ll be recording then). I’ll try to include anything I can get.

SlamCast 013: Skype is unlucky

November 7th, 2005

Direct download
Length: 89:15 (yup, this one is a doozy)
Amiss Skype issues and crazy echoing, Tom and Charlie hit your emails and talk about the latest WWE, TNA and ROH happenings. You know the drill by now ;) . Here’s your shownotes:

  • Back in action!
  • Christian takes a hike. Where do we think he’ll end up? Thanks to Brad in Chicago for the question.
  • How much do these guys really weight?
  • Joey Styles on Raw? Could happen.
  • Tony and David: vintage WCW.
  • We love Bobby Heenan!
  • Coach isn’t cutting it as an announcer. JR is great, especially when he’d get stuck on an idea.
  • Skype breaks. Not surprising.
  • Jeff in Vermont puts us over, and asks about indie wrestling in his area.
  • Tom’s leaving one day job to go to another. He’ll have three days off a week, thus more time to podcast.
  • Beyond the Mat rocks our socks.
  • Daniels-Strong: just go watch it. Charlie and Tom try to break it down.
  • Being knocked out sounds like it sucks.
  • Nigel McGuinness is en route to TNA. We’re marks for his British style.
  • Brad in Chicago will take an ROH DVD over WWE DVDs any day of the week. Anyone else feel the same way?
  • Is it possible to convince your (female) significant other that wrestling is all right? Charlie weighs in (as Tom can’t get a date)
  • More on how great ROH DVDs are. Quality, quantity and overall coolness.
  • WWE, in all fairness, has fantastic historical DVDs, mostly due to their kickass video library.
  • Skype dies yet another time. We think it hates us. Will Tom have to build a Windows box? Say it ain’t so!
  • John in WV laments the Cubbies, then asks about the Ultimate Warrior in his “prime.”
  • WrestleCrap is podcasting!
  • ROH Midwest weekend.
  • Charlie recaps Bound for Glory and the TNA primetime special.
  • Yes, Skype died in the middle of that too.
  • Samoa Joe “apologizes” for the quality of his match with Liger.
  • Pride of the Yankees-esque echo shows up heavillly here. We apologize.
  • Surprises, real suprises, are good as hell.
  • Production screwups from TNA and WCW.
  • Go vote for us at Podcast Alley (use the form in the sidebar)!
  • Chris Z. from Chicago (Windy City representing tonight!) talks up ROH some more (are you feeling the love yet?), asks our thoughts on a TNA-ROH merger (wrestling conglomeration has never really been a good thing) and questions WWE booking (just like the rest of us ) )
  • Shifting your focus away from WWE towards TNA, ROH and indies will help improve the WWE product.
  • Nielson ratings, statistics and why watching or not watching doesn’t really matter if you’re not a Nielson family.
  • Womens Erotic Wrestling gets a mention.
  • Tom wants to get ROH on board with Web 2.0. Of course, he did also enjoy a Jimmy Rave promo.
  • Hop on our Frapr map!
  • Congrats to SuperToad Records for getting a song played on Accident Hash.
  • You are all now SlamAddicts! Thanks to Giancarlo in New Jersey for coming up with the cool name for our listeners. He’s getting a $10 ROH GC.
  • Thanks to all the SlamAddicts who entered, and let’s get some WordPress themes in!
  • Keep on slamming everybody!