The Apartment Project

As many of you know, I’ve been living on my own since August. My spouse is getting a PhD in another state, and I’m staying here and working, at least for the time being. In an effort to keep myself busy, I’ve started a number of projects:

  • Making my own sauce
  • Diving into my backlog of video games
  • Keeping the place clean and organized

As part of that last item, I decided that it was high time I did something with the master bedroom. When we first moved into this two-bedroom apartment, there were grand plans for the master bedroom. Grand plans.

None of these plans ever came to fruition. It ended up as a dumping ground for whatever crap we had no place for. Exhibit A:

master bedroom start

]1 Pre-cleanup master bedroom.


The grand plans were reduced and simplified into a plan to make better use of the space we have:

  1. Condense the items being stored to take up far less space.
  2. Recycle/donate/dispose of items not needed.
  3. Use the smaller room for storage and sleep in the master bedroom.

This plan was forged last summer. No action was made on it until recently.

This is about how most of my projects go. Unless I’m being paid, of course.

Over winter break, we had guests. We don’t usually have guests. So I set up the dining room table, which had been living in the master bedroom, unassembled. It was assembled behind the couch in the living room, as the dining has been the office since we moved in. That all looks like this:

living room

]2 Yup, it looks like it’s growing out of the couch

dining room office

You can’t see my little desk very well there. Amy’s desk is huge and heavy.

Since I actually liked having guests, I added onto the plan:

  1. Do all the things I said above.
  2. Put the office in the small bedroom with the storage stuff.
  3. Put the dining room table in the dining room where it belongs. Like an adult.

Yeah. Like an adult!

I took some time off this week as it’s Spring Break and it’s encouraged. We’re technically open this week, but only need a few people on to make sure the phone gets answered. I may or may not be working on this post from my cube.

At this point, I’m nearly done. The first section of the plan is complete, and the second section commences tonight.

I got the master bedroom all tidied up, recycled the broken TVs, tossed the junk, and condensed the clothing into bins. It looked like this for a while:

clean master bedroom

]4 Sorry for the botched pano, but doesn’t this look nice?

That took a few hours of work over the course of Wednesday. Yesterday I basically played apartment Sokoban with my stuff.

For reference, here’s what the little bedroom looked like when I started:

small bedroom before

]5 This is pretty much how I’ve been sleeping for two years; or “Where the magic happens.”

After moving the mattress by myself, like an idiot, albeit a successful idiot, then tidying the small room, I moved all the containers into it like so:

small room after

]6 Left that gap for the filing cabinet. Desks will go on the right

So the small bedroom is ready to go for additional furniture sliding tonight. Maybe tomorrow. I’m not sure and I’ll post when I’m done.

The master bedroom? Done.

master bedroom complete

]7 All done. For now, at least

I still want to add a blackout curtain to avoid blinding myself in the morning. It seems a bit shadier outside that window as it wasn’t as bright this morning. Might just be the time change messing with me.

After the Office/Dining phase completes, I need to hang pictures in the living room, and posters in the office/storage complex. That should be fun, seeing as I’m wretched at both activities.

I picked up two steel folding chairs for the table (they were cheap. Proper chairs eventually), so once I’m done, you’re all coming over for pasta, right?