Let’s try this again

Two attempts. Two false starts.

I’m trying this again. I honestly hope it happens.

I’m talking about NaNoWriMo, the thing where you try to write a 50,000 word novel in a month. The goal isn’t to write a great novel, just to get yourself in the habit of writing every day.

Because that’s what writers do, no? Writers write.

As evidenced the the neglect for Insane Yet? here, I’m not doing much of that. I do a good deal of writing at work, but it’s not the kind of writing I want to do. That just pays the bills.

The idea came to me late, and kind of organically. I was watching RiffTrax Live while they were skewering Night of the Living Dead. Love this movie, but it’s comically awful from a technical standpoint. The underlying story is good, but it’s almost entirely told through radio and TV broadcasts. The characters just yell at each other and engage in carpentry.

At one point, the radio announcer is heard saying that there were similar attacks in Galveston and Houston to the ones they were seeing there in the Pittsburgh area. I don’t know if anything has ever come of that. All the Living Dead films take place in PA.

So, I’m engaging in a little fan fiction jumping off. My novel takes place in Galveston in 1968, starting on the night the satellites return to Earth and raise the dead. Other than the general setting and the zombie concept created by Romero, the story will be my own. I’m just borrowing the setting if you will. Barbara and Helen Cooper and all of them are still in western PA, and still dead.

Texas is already kind of a nightmare world, and the story will reflect that, just in the past and with zombies. I’m calling the novel Galveston, and I hope I finish it out this year. I have all the tools, I think I have a beginning and a middle, and I’m hoping the end comes around before December hits. I just need the discipline. Here’s hoping I have it this time around.

I’ll post updates here when I can. This all starts in less than four hours. Here we go.

First project targets

That’s doable.

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