You’re stumbled onto the homepage of one Tom Tostanoski. This may or may not be a good thing.

Tom writes things from time to time. Typically it’s short blather that nobody cares about. You’ll find those posts on his blog, presently maintained as a separate website.

More rarely, he’ll distill those thoughts into something of worth. It might be a short story, or poetry, or something else entirely. If you ask nicely, you might get him to write an essay. You’ll find that work here.

Most of the work here is very old. Tom doesn’t write very often these days, because he’s quite lazy. This website is to be a motivator for him. The old work, plus the possibility that his friends might see it, is supposed to nudge him back to the keyboard and away from the remote control.

Tom has elected to not allow comments on his work. He has incredibly mixed feelings about comments. He likes when they spur on actual discussion. This, sadly, is rare. Most of what Tom sees in comments is people behaving poorly. So there will be no comments on this website.

You can engage Tom in other ways. He has a very public Twitter, @attackman. He has also been using more and more these days. He’s @attackman there as well. Use the button in the footer if you’d like to sign up (you can do so for free these days).

If you’re a friend of his, you can find him on Facebook. Tom doesn’t like email very much, so that won’t work. If you’re in proximity to him, you can talk to him. Unless he has headphones on. He doesn’t like when people talk to him while he’s wearing headphones.

So please enjoy whatever Tom has posted. It’s all right if you don’t. He just invites you to.